Oodenawi Community School Calendar

Message from our Principal

Welcome to the website for Oodenawi (O den ow we) Public School.  The name Oodenawi references the Ojibway term ‘community’.  Since our start-up in September, 2015, the students, staff and community have lived up to the name!   Our daily focus continues to be building a strong community in our school. Oodenawi Public School offers instruction in dual tracks - both French and English.  We are also the home to two Life Skills programs.
The Right to Play philosophy to “Take care of yourself, take care of others”, is alive at Oodenawi.  Student leaders are out on our playground offering games and activities to engage our younger students.  Right to play is an excellent vehicle for student leadership as well as student voice.  Our leaders along with the younger students are choosing the cooperative games.  We continue to support our students by offering leadership training.
Please continue to watch our website as well as Edsby for details about school programs, construction and how you can be involved in our community.
- Gail McDonald

Our logo

The school has developed a logo to honour our soaring eagles. The artwork honours the First Nations and the Mississaugas of the New Credit.