Student Registration

Student Registration Hours are 10:00 - 3:00

To Register a new student:

Notify your current school that you are leaving (if applicable). 
Fill out a Student Registration Form. You can Download a copy at this link:
We also have copies on hand in the school office for you to fill out here or take home.


Bring in the necessary documents, as listed below:

You will need to provide ALL of the following information before you can register your child for school:   (only original documents will be accepted.)



Proof of child’s age - original birth certificate or passport


Proof of address -copy of offer to purchase or lease agreement or copy of your most current property tax bill


Proof of custody - if you are not the child’s parent and the child is under 18, or if the child is living with only one parent -- you must provide proof of custody


Your child’s health card


Proof of child’s citizenship - Birth Certificate, Passport, or Permanent Resident card.


Immunization record - proof that your child has been immunized, according to the  

  recommended immunization schedule in Ontario, against the following:

            * Diphtheria

           * Mumps

           * Polio

           * Red measles

           * Rubella

           * Tetanus


any copies of current school records, samples of your child’s work, reports that may    

  assist the school in program/placement of your child please take them with you at the

 time of registration.