Council Members 20-21


  1. Hiba Rizvi

Hi I’m Hiba Rizvi mom of 3; my eldest daughter is in Grade 7 FI, one in Gr 4 FI at DDW and a 5 year boy old at Rotherglen. I have been an active member of the parent community & have worked in various capacities both on & off council as Fundraising Co-Chair, as well as, Treasurer. I have worked as a Hedge Fund Accountant for 12 years & for the last 9 years I have been running my real estate practise. Both roles have equipped me with strong strategic, analytical & interpersonal skills. I actively work with local businesses for fundraising initiatives at the school, funds raised are used to purchase technology and literacy items for students. I also have volunteered at various events throughout the school year and organized the annual fun fair for 4 years. I know these are challenging times and all the more important for us to come together stronger than the community we already are. I am very passionate about being involved & hope as a Parent rep I can further your voice & concerns & help make this year a successful one for our students and families!

  1. Vishal Kapoor

Proud father of 2 daughters at Oodenawi and UFT. Experienced Local Realtor, with Retail Management and IT background. Served as an elected member of the Oodenawi School Council and PIC Committee from the last 4-5 years. I am very much familiar with processes, challenges, and opportunities related to successfully contributing to the council. Engaged in my community, I really enjoyed helping the school, parents, and the community. I know we have great people in our community and have unique talents, skills, cultural heritage, experiences, beliefs, and values.

What can make me effective in this role is that I possess a “Solution Mind-Set”, my “Full Commitment” to be there, and the ability to "Bring people together".

  1. Arpit Mittal

My name is Arpit Mittal and work in IT sector. I am new to Canada and my daughter just started school. I believe by volunteering I would learn a lot from fellow volunteer and would be able to bring concerns from lots of parents (in my circle and growing neighborhood) like me who are new to Canada school system and share feedback to them.

  1. Navi Gahunia

Proud Member for the Parent Involvement Committee at the School Council since the past two years, I look forward to bringing forward a fresh tech perspective into this year’s digital transformation that our school is undergoing as a result of the pandemic. Mother of two, a full-time Realtor with Century 21 and a decade long career as an IT Professional with Big 4 Consulting Firms such as KPMG & Ernst & Young; I have witnessed many digital transformations through-out my professional career. As a resident of Woodland Trails, I have remained as an active Member of the North Oakville Residents Community and have built strong relationships within our community. I process a meticulous nature with a strong appreciation for sweat equity which I developed while completing my Bachelor’s degree with Honors from York University. I deeply value relationships and believe in working collaboratively, as I relish the opportunity to constantly grow, adapt and meet new challenges in these ever-changing times. With an adventurous spirit and genuine desire to help others, I

am passionate about building long-lasting friendships founded on the basis of trust, honesty and integrity. My volunteer work with several non-profit organizations, my professional skills combined with a well-rounded global exposure, alongside my exuberant personality fuels my burning passion for continuous learning and helps me remain committed towards serving my community.

  1. Shuchita Sharma

My name is Shuchita Sharma and I have recently moved to Oakville, Ontario from Regina, Saskatchewan. I have two girls going into grade 5 and grade 2 at Oodenawi Public School. I have been teaching Math and Statistics at the University of Regina for the past 10 years. Being in the education field for a good amount of time I think I can contribute to the school council. Also being new to this province the school council will be a good platform for me to get to know more about the school system and make new friends.

  1. Navjot Nanda

My name is Navjot Nanda. I am currently the Co-Chair of the school council. I am enthusiastic about continuing as a council member in this role for the 2020-2021 year. With your support I will be the voice for all your concerns/suggestions. We have had a successful year. There is more work to be done this year. This is an important position which I take very seriously. I am the mother of 4 students attending Oodenawi Public School. My expertise is great management and organizational skills. My interest lies in bringing the best possible education for our children in HDSB. With the current situation, it is even more important to support our kids during this time. It would be a pleasure to volunteer my time and constructively contribute to the well-being of Oodenawi public school.

  1. Rose Ernjakovic

My name is Rose Ernjakovic and I am the proud parent of one children attending Oodenawi Public School. I am committed to helping the school in whatever way I can and would love the opportunity to participate as a member of school council again. I have been the Parent Involvement Committee representative and a voting member of our school council for the last four years. Our Learn Grow Succeed Community events are one of my major accomplishments. As a Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) representative I worked with my other council members, administration, teachers, students and volunteers to create these highly attended and successful family events. I believe in the important role that parents can play in collaborating with school administration and look forward to being part of this partnership and contributing to make our school the best it can be for all students and families.

  1. Joanne Stanojevic

As a parent of one student at Oodenawi and one grad, I strongly believe that the school, parents and community need to work together for the benefit of our kids. I have been on parent council for two years already and would like to continue to work together with council and our community to improve our kids school environment.

  1. Hadeel Kamel

My name is Hadeel Kamel and I am running for the school council as I strongly believe in the supportive system, we as parents could provide to our schools and communities. I am a passionate RECE with an Autism and Behavior Sciences Graduate Certificate. I have two years of experience in the field of teaching, along with a placement experience at an ABA center. Aside from that, I have finished a couple of Leadership in Education courses in order to have a better understanding of this magnificent field. I strongly feel that our children need us to be present in their educational future.

  1. Amina Akram

Hi, I am a business graduate with an MBA degree. In addition to my career, I am interested in education, learning and helping young learner achieve their goals. I bring experience in finance, event management and working with children. I was a member of Oodenawi parent council for the year 2019-2020, I was lucky to be a part of an amazing team which delivered many initiatives. This school year with COVID provides us with new challenges and new opportunities. As a member, I will use my experience and technical skills to ensure that council lives up to the community expectation.

  1. Tajman Grewal

As your 2019-2020 council chair I am running for re-election and will continue to advocate for our children. Professionally I am a Registered Psychotherapist which lends itself to creative thinking in this new and challenging e-learning model. I strive to use our time wisely and created a valuable efficient meeting format. I look forward to delivering key initiatives like innovative solutions to parent council organization and fundraising among others. I would be honored to represent your voice again in this virtual world with the collective spirit of cohesion and stability.

  1. Belinda Zhang

Hi, This is Belinda, I have been a school council since 2018. I am a mother of 2 kids and have been working as software developer more than 15 years . as school council, I learned a lots of in past 2 years and hope have the chance to do better in the following year. Thanks in advance for your support!